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Internet Survey Articles

Jobs market booming - now for the bad news

AUSTRALIA'S jobs market has turned white hot, with newspaper job ads being placed at a rate not seen since the onset of the financial crisis and as many as one in five employers planning to take on staff as business confidence climbs to an eight-year high.

Column 8

From our Untouched By Human Hands Desk. "The other day, I heard my phone ring," writes Victoria Wilcox-Brooks, of Ballarat. "I was too busy to accept the call so I let my answering machine take it. A minute or so later, I could hear a female voice still leaving more

Short On Attention

HALF of all car collisions in the Hunter could be averted if drivers paid more attention, and drink-driving in the region remains a significant problem, a new survey suggests.

Internet Diagnosis Gives Gps A Webache

"CYBERCHONDRIA" - the imagined conditions afflicting patients who have turned to the internet for diagnosis - can be a bane for doctors convincing patients of their misdiagnosis, says internet health expert, Jared Dart.

A Survey

? A SURVEY has found nearly half of all internet users have just one password for all their online accounts.